Sandi Settle for Thought Leadership

March 17, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Sandi Settle, Group Account Director, Spear Marketing Group

Please introduce yourself.

Sandi Settle: Hi. My name is Sandi Settle. I'm a Group Account Director at Spear Marketing Group.

Are there any major trends or priority changes you're seeing from clients in 2023?

Sandi Settle: In 2023, we're starting to see a couple of new trends. One is focusing more on your existing clients, doing more programs for up sell, cross sell and retention, focusing on the relationships that you have now and expanding and deepening those relationships. We see this through ABM planning, nurtures, the creation of live events and creating unique experiences as well as strengthening those partner relationships that you may have as well. This leads into the use of MDF funds and working with your partners to achieve your combined goals for 2023.

Where are marketers focusing budget in 2023?

Sandi Settle: In 2023, we see more of our marketers spending time building out more robust ABM plans for existing clients. So, trying to create new opportunities and revenue streams and other departments deepening the relationship in larger organizations as well as the use of things like live events to create kind of unique experiences with some of your key clients and creating kind of learning experiences live. So, bringing people in one place to share things like success stories, client case studies, showcasing software, having interactive experiences.

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