Koka Sexton for Thought Leadership

March 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Koka Sexton, VP, Client Services

Please introduce yourself.

Koka Sexton: Hello. My name is Koka Sexton. I am the VP of Client Services, Marketing Technology and Paid Media at Spear Marketing Group.

Are there any major trends or priority changes you're seeing from clients in 2023?

Koka Sexton: I guess if it comes to major trends or changes that I'm seeing this year, I think that obviously AI is becoming a game changer across a lot of the different industries. But how it's being implemented from a marketing standpoint is very fascinating to me, but because of the economic situation at the moment, I think that priorities in most cases for our clients are really shifting to demand generation, revenue generating types of marketing activities as opposed to branding.

Where are marketers focusing budget in 2023?

Koka Sexton: I see marketers focusing their budget more heavily into the things that drive pipeline. Could be top of the funnel, could be middle or bottom of the funnel. Branding is a bonus in most cases, but I see that most budgets are going towards things that drive to immediate pipeline and not even just pipeline but qualified pipeline. Content Syndication leads at the top end, case studies and bottom of the funnel conversion assets to be at the bottom.

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