SWCS Testimonial Video 1

March 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Channon: If you're thinking about working with Coach Kes It's an opportunity that you do not want to miss. Um it's a it's an experience that you

Liane: And I would say that um so it will exceed your expectations. It will, it will be like, unlike anything you've experienced. Practical things to take away that you can immediately implement and in organizing the workshop,

Adam: I have to say that by having you as my coach, I don't think I don't think our business would be in the state. It is without your help. And so for that, I'm truly grateful and like I said, I highly highly recommend anyone to work with you just purely on the authenticity the care and the trust you're able to bring and the expertise,

Andrea: I think that's something that I just I've worked with you for many years and the skills get overlooked because you're amazing at that, and that's why we always work with you and choose you over others too, is that you give everyone the skills you build out that toolbox, you bring this level of self reflection in a fun and positive way that everyone walks away, myself included, better presenters and better facilitators, better leaders and just better versions of their professional and personal selves.

Stacy: So why bring in a meaningful quote or just all the different exercises what it means and how it helps us in terms of our executive presence and how others perceive us. So if anyone was considering working with you, I would say it's definitely great. It's a way to elevate your skills as a leader in the organization, a way to level up on your communications, both with clients as well as internally and you know, if someone does end up looking for opportunities as well, it's a great way for you to help us to communicate well with others. So excellent.

Liane: Coach Kes? Do it! I would say.. you know, do it answer the question about why you would do it later. Because, because Kes, I would say I had an idea of what the workshop would be like, but it, you really exceeded it was you exceeded my expectation because it wasn't anything that I could have actually imagined, right?

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