Brett Kelly Shares His Psychic Expansion with THEO

April 06, 2023

AskTHEO team assists Brett's psychic expansion and connection with his own guidance.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brett Kelly

How has THEO's Spiritual and Psychic Exploration mentoring (2-day retreat OR 12-week program) expanded your psychic abilities?

Brett Kelly : Good day. My name is Brett and I would love to share my perspective on the 12 week psychic exploration with Theo. First of all, my gifts have expanded in ways I could have never ever imagined! it was an amazing, joyful expansive experience. I'm blessed to have met and been mentored by two master teachers such as Sheila and Marcus Gillette. And let's not forget about Theo. Wow, there's so much Theo time, Theo's wisdom, guidance and humor is second to none. This program was a real game changer for me. It has given me the ability to be able to practice my mastery daily. During the 12 weeks, you get the opportunity to meet like-minded souls and connect in breakout groups, and form lasting friendships from around the world. I now can connect and communicate daily with my guidance, which has been an amazing experience. My automatic writing has expanded to me now becoming a, a direct channel of my collective. The fun and magic I've experienced since the program has been a true blessing. I'm so appreciative of the whole THEO group including Cathy and Stephanie. I'm so grateful to have had these experiences. I love you guys with all my heart. Thank you.

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