Sophia Stacy for Southwestern Student Coaching Video Testimonials

August 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sophia Stacy

Can you please describe the impact Southwestern Student Coaching has had on your College Preparation experience?

Sophia Stacy: Southwestern student coaching has had the biggest impact on my college preparation experience. Honestly, without it, I really would not have started looking for colleges as soon as I did, which probably would have meant that I wouldn't have gotten into the college of my choice because of the specific college I chose, I really needed to start working on my application months in advance. And without Southwestern student coaching, I would never have realized that that is what I wanted to do. That, that is a school I wanted to go to and that is the program I really wanted to apply to. So I'm so thankful to the Southwestern student coaching for helping me get on track to start working as early as it.

What did you like best about the College Prep Module?

Sophia Stacy: Personally, I most like about the college prep module is how individualized it could be. I chose a program that really is not similar to a lot of other people. And because of the college prep module and how it is set up, I was able to specify it specifically to what I wanted and what I needed to work on for my college prep experience, which was so helpful because it otherwise it would have been so much harder to try to work around like the specific rules and the specific timeline that the college prep module had. But instead it is very personalized and it was able to work with my schedule and what I specifically needed, which is so great.

What made this college prep program different than others you have heard of?

Sophia Stacy: The biggest thing that has made this specific college prep module or program different than many others that I've heard of is how it pairs with one specific coach. I know so many people that went through similar programs where it was either a whole group of people with one coach or they didn't even have a specific coach and they just did some of the activities by themselves. And I'm so happy that I was in a program where it was one on one student with the coach and they were able to work specifically with you and what you specifically needed because otherwise I really don't think I would have been as motivated to work towards my goals if I wasn't with one specific coach who is really helping me personally.

What advice would you give someone who is beginning their College Preparation journey?

Sophia Stacy: The advice that I would give to someone who is just starting out on their college preparation journey is to trust both the process and trust yourself. I was very stressed out during the process of my college preparation journey. But yet it ended up with me exactly where I wanted and exactly the program that I wanted to be in, it all works out. And even if it's not what you think is your dream school, you're gonna get there and realize that you still love it. So I would really just say like, do not stress yourself out too much. Especially with this program, the coaches are so helpful and they are working for your success. So really just trust the process and then also trust yourself. I really would never have found the program I wanted if I didn't think back on what I enjoyed, instead of thinking about what other people wanted me to do. And the biggest thing is just trust yourself. If so, if the school doesn't feel like it's right for you, then it's not. But you have to look at all the options and know, know what you truly want.

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