Ellie for Southwestern Student Coaching Video Testimonials

September 04, 2023

College prep testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ellie

Can you please describe the impact Southwestern Student Coaching has had on your College Preparation experience?

Ellie: Student coaching helped show me that I don't need to be worried about preparing for college and applying to college. And it gave me so many resources so that I could very easily get all of my materials together and apply way before the deadline.

What did you like best about the College Prep Module?

Ellie: In the college prep module. I used the college spreadsheet a lot like I was adding tabs and I was adding so much information. But what I really liked about it is that it helped me organize almost a pros and cons list for what I wanted out of every college. And it helped show me what scholarships were available to me. It helped me organize all of my application deadlines, all of my scores, all of my letters of recommendation. It was just a really good resource to have because everything could be compiled into one place.

What made this college prep program different than others you have heard of?

Ellie: Honestly, I haven't really heard of very many other college prep programs other than the ones that, like youtubers promote where they're like, oh, yeah, I use my whatever program but I feel like what I really liked about this college prep program was it gave you a, a lot of resources that were compiled really into one or two documents or spreadsheets or websites. So everything was really easy to find and really easy to organize. And b I really like that you also kind of got the personal experience, like you had your coach helping you and supporting you and setting, helping you set goals that were realistic and would actually help you get into college.

What advice would you give someone who is beginning their College Preparation journey?

Ellie: If I were to give advice to somebody starting this college prep program, I would just say that don't stress about it because you're gonna have so much time, way more than you really think you do and you're gonna get into a college, you're gonna get some sort of scholarships. It's all gonna work out. You're gonna find your major, maybe not right away, but you're gonna find, it just don't let the stress of college ruin any other fun thing that you could have going on either in the fall or in the winter, even the summer before you're applying. Just use all of the materials that are given to you so that you have everything in one place and the process can be really easy.

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