Avery Basler for Southwestern Student Coaching Video Testimonials

September 04, 2023

College prep

Video Transcript

Speaker: Avery Basler

Can you please describe the impact Southwestern Student Coaching has had on your College Preparation experience?

Avery Basler : Southwestern coaching has affected my college preparation experience in so many ways, but mostly it's just gotten me like 20 steps ahead of everybody else today. Actually, in my English class, we started working on our common app and I was the only one in my class who had even started it, let alone finished it. And so it's just helped me stay organized, get prepared, um, for college in many different ways and especially just help me get ahead of the game.

What did you like best about the College Prep Module?

Avery Basler : What I liked most about the college prep modules was the section where we kind of got to list out, we were looking for the schools and what we wanted out of the schools and there was just a bunch of different activities to do, to kind of list out and rank different, um, things that you wanted in a school to figure out what school was best for you.

What made this college prep program different than others you have heard of?

Avery Basler : What made this program different than any other programs that I've heard of is that this one is just so one on one, like every two weeks, I would be with my coach Whitney and we would just get to go over everything. I mean, one week we would be working on something the next week I'd come back and I still might not feel like confident and ready to move on. And so we would still just work on that longer and it was just super fit to me so that I could kind of go at my own pace and get um assistance along the way. Whereas other programs, um a lot of the times are in like a big setting and they have multiple, multiple students with one teacher or coach and it just isn't really structured to you.

What advice would you give someone who is beginning their College Preparation journey?

Avery Basler : I would say just get organized early, get an Excel Sheet. Um The one that I used was through Southwestern coaching and it was super helpful to stay organized. And so I would just say using that to stay organized and getting all that you want for your colleges straight so that you can pick the school that's best for you seeing it all side by side and being able to compare the schools really help me narrow it down and then touring the schools as soon as you can.

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