Alexandra - Participant Testimonial Video

September 29, 2022

Retreat participant's reflections

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alexandra

How was the healing from Soup and Therapy’s retreat different from individual therapy?

Alexandra: Hi, my name is Alexandra and I participated in Soup & Therapy's retreat this past August. The way that this retreat is different than individual therapy. It's one you're, there's no distractions, you're focused on your healing the whole time that you're there, so you're not distracted from home, work and you have a longer period of time to just focus on healing, just disclose all, everything that's in your heart and your mind, you have the time to just be able to let it out and process and sit with it. As opposed to just the one hour therapy session, you're really able to just delve in. Also the just a group support and their relationships that are formed. It's a beautiful experience to be able to feel seen, heard and understood. Also, just it was an amazing experience and having Faye and Alicia through it all just in a very, very safe space and being able to just be honest and be raw and vulnerable.

What would you say to someone who desperately needed healing who was thinking about attending a healing retreat?

Alexandra: I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for this retreat, all I saw was accelerated healing and trauma and PTSD and I was like, sign me up. And, whenever I was on my way there, I started feeling nervous and I felt anxiety because again, I didn't know what to expect and I was just a little bit afraid to just disclose it all. But I know that I I wanted to heal and I needed to heal for myself and for all relationships in my life. So I would say just honestly just do this, this is life changing. I process things differently. I have support, I have the tools and the strategies that I didn't have before and again, being able to just disclose all and be vulnerable and be okay with feeling and with having gone through what I've gone through is just this was a very life altering experience that I would 1000% recommend.

Describe Soup and Therapy’s retreats in three words?

Alexandra: Three words that I would use is transformative, healing work, emphasis on work, you're going to put the work in, but it's gonna be transformational and it's going to be healing work.

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