Hanneke K Participant Testimonial Video

September 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Hanneke K.

How was the healing from Soup and Therapy’s retreat different from individual therapy?

Hanneke K.: Alright. How was the healing from soup and therapies to treat different from individual therapy is the question. Oh my. Where do I begin? Although I absolutely love my therapist in Wisconsin and I had already completed a six week trauma focus, partial hospitalization program in Madison. This was next level. We were five women ranging in age from 19 to 59 3 therapists. We worked in the group. We also split up into couples, well not couples but pairs. And there was a real curriculum to work through with tangible tools, as in worksheets and steps. We work through together. The small group setting created um an instant bond, like we all had our own stories, but we immediately had a had a bond and there was a level of trust and safety and mutual support for sure. And the results, after considering it was only 4.5 days really after the 4.5 day retreat were absolutely mind blowing and life changing. So

What would you say to someone who desperately needed healing who was thinking about attending a healing retreat?

Hanneke K.: Alright, so this next question is what would you say to someone who desperately needed healing, who was thinking about attending a healing retreat? I would say go? I would say absolutely, I was at such a low point um that I I I was just so stuck and with all my therapy and my groups and individual therapies and everything I've done, I was just, I felt like hopeless and I was encouraged by my therapist to go and I came all the way from Wisconsin to do it and it was amazing. I would tell whoever is considering going, I would tell them there's hope there are real skills to learn and there's peace to be found. That that that was the big thing for me. I I found peace doing this retreat. So um the retreat itself to 4.5 taste is just you're like in a bubble of love and encouragement and trust and safety. So yeah, I would say if you have the opportunity to go take it go. Absolutely.

Describe Soup and Therapy’s retreats in three words?

Hanneke K.: Well, it's a challenge to describe it in three words, but the ones that come to mind first are life changing. For sure I opening and um encouraging slash comforting. Yeah. And the soup was really good, too, by the way.

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