CRNA Week Video - Email

January 30, 2024

Video Transcript

Speakers: Erik Rauch, CRNA, Regional CRNA Director. Neil Mayer, DO, CMO, Anesthesia

In honor or National CRNA Week,

plese enjoy this message from Sound leaders:

Erik Rauch, CRNA: Hello to all my CRNA colleagues out there. This is Eric Rauch Regional CRNA Director for Sound Anesthesia.

Erik Rauch, CRNA: And I just wanted to take a moment right now to thank each and every one of you for the safe anesthesia care you provide in every setting all across the country. We know here at Sound, we have the best CRNAs and I'm very honored to be a part of that team with you. So once again, happy CRNA week, enjoy it and know that you are well respected and valued all across the company.

Neil Mayer, DO: Hello team. I'm Neil Mayer, and I'm the Chief Medical Officer for Anesthesia. As many of you know, CRNA and physician anesthesiologist weeks fall back to back this year. On behalf of the entire sound leadership team, I would like to thank each of our clinical teammates for your selfless dedication to providing outstanding patient care. As practicing health care professionals, we appreciate the sacrifices you make to strive for clinical excellence while balancing your personal and professional lives. We also appreciate the efforts you make to advocate for your teammates and represent our organization. Please join me in taking some time to thank our colleagues this month and remember together, we can continue bringing better to the bedside!

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