Luna Milutinovic for Your experience on Sortlist

April 26, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Luna Milutinovic

Could you describe how Sortlist helped you?

Luna Milutinovic: Hi, this is Luna and I'm a training and development specialist. Um I need to testify. That sort list definitely helped me a lot uh in this journey of researching, team moving providers all across the Europe. Uh We really wanted to give our employees the opportunity to um just have a little chat on our team building event and meet and meet, face to face. So definitely uh short list suggestions. Uh We're the best so far and we actually proceeded with one of the suggestions uh and options. Uh So definitely glad to, to have this collaboration. Thank you.

How would you describe Sortlist in three words?

Luna Milutinovic: I would say shortlist is very responsive. First of all, very precise and plus shortlist gives you the best approach ever.

would you recommend Sortlist and use it again?

Luna Milutinovic: I would definitely recommend shortlist and I would definitely use it again. In fact, I already did um when I needed to, to research leadership training providers and uh shortlist again, gave me uh the best options out there exactly what we needed. So, thank you for all that you do. Uh Thank you for being new and you're so great. Thank you.

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