Sophie Montgomery, Business Manager - TaxAssist Accountants

November 03, 2023

Sophie Montgomery, Business Manager - TaxAssist Accountants shares her experience of using Glasscubes for personal tax work.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sophie Montgomery, Business Manager, TaxAssist Accountants

Sophie Montgomery: My name's Sophie I work at TaxAssist Accountants. I've been an accountant for 15 years, and I've been with this firm for 12 years now. My main role is looking after the business, all the business processes, making sure that everything's running smoothly within the company.

Before using Glasscubes, how did you request information from clients, and what problems or frustrations did that cause?

Sophie Montgomery: So we would start in April every year, we'd start with emails, emailing in our standard checklist over and make sure that they all receive that and action any work that came in. Then we'd follow that up with a phone call, normally around July time, in line with the tax credit deadline, that prompted more people to come in. And then we'd alternate that method depending on our workload right the way through until January. We found it really consume, really time consuming and all the staff used to dread it. It would be, you know, they dread me ringing them to ask them to request the work in. It would take a solid week of their time. So yeah, it was really an unproductive week when they were having to do that.

Did you have any concerns about moving to a new solution like Glasscubes, and were any of these subsequently realised?

Sophie Montgomery: So the biggest concern we had going into it was how are our clients going to adjust to this? Because any change in system we always feel like clients are gonna panic. And that's gonna therefore increase more work for us, not less. So yeah, we worried would they panic? we worried would they panic? A minority of clients did. I don't think you could ever fully get away from that but once they sort of touched base with any of the staff members it was easily explained. So, yeah I mean, we didn't have any other issues other than that. The staff adapted well to the system, as did the majority of the clients. So overall, it was a success.

Please describe working with us. How has Glasscubes helped you, your firm, and/or your clients?

Sophie Montgomery: Working with Glasscubes has been a success for us, the work's coming in quicker and it's coming in a lot more efficiently because of the criteria set within the request that we're doing in the first place. And it's also saved the staff a lot of time. So internally, getting that time back to be able to spend actually working with the clients, as opposed to just requesting the information, it's, it's a win for us.

How likely are you to recommend us, and why should anyone watching this act now?

Sophie Montgomery: I would 100% recommend using Glasscubes alone for the time saving, but also on top of that there's a huge benefit in receiving records in the same way each time. And I found that it's sped up the time that it takes to get that information from the client. So it's it's absolutely recommended from our end.

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