Sonya Meditation Testimonial Videos

October 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jack Pointer

What is your name and profession?

So I'm Jack and I'm a creative copywriter from the UK.

What is one thing you were skeptical about before working with Sonya?

So I never really knew what to expect with Sonia. As soon as we did make contact, she was very authoritative, very competent, very extroverted. And for someone who is an introvert like me, I was very apprehensive. I was very much trying to figure out what she was about before giving her my all.

How has Sonya helped you or your business?

But sooner rather than later, I realize that Sonia has the most purest intentions lying deep into lying deep in our heart. She gets you to tap into something inside of yourself. You probably probably never ever, ever tapped into before. She takes you on this mindfulness journey of where you are to where you want to be. It's almost like you can see the future when Sonia is taking you through a meditation. Um and she gets you to see what your future looks like if you were to remove all of the mud from your vessel and you were to allow the light to shine through it every single day. So, yeah, I don't connect with Sonia on a daily basis now, but I still have her videos on my computer. So every single day I will listen to a video or a meditation from Sonia and it allows me, like I said to tap into something that, that I'm unable to tap into with any other resource.

What makes Sonya different from other business/mindfulness coaches?

You see, there are many, many, many, many business coaches, mindfulness practitioners who will just tell you you find the way you are and that's the easy route. But Sonia doesn't take the easy route. She will practice the ultimate form of love by holding you accountable on a daily basis and helping you unearth exactly what your future would look like if you were to align with the highest of human virtues on a daily basis. I'm very much appreciative of Sonia for coming into my life. Um I believe that everyone has sent you away for a reason and I took many, many, many lessons for uh from connecting with Sonia and to know she's leveraging her inheritance to change the entrepreneurial landscape. One entrepreneur at a time is, is truly remarkable. So if you're watching this, Sonia, thank you so much. Um And yeah, I'll continue to listen to you on a daily basis.

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