Leslie A. Butler

June 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Leslie A. Butler, Career Coach / Corporate Trainer, LAB Empowerment Coaching, LLC

What is your name and profession?

Leslie A. Butler: My name is Leslie Butler and I am a corporate trainer and career coach.

How has Sonya helped you or your business?

Leslie A. Butler: Sonya has helped me personally and in my business in a couple of different ways. The first way is that she actually coached me on meditation techniques. When I first started meditating, I was not sure exactly how to navigate the experience that I was having. But after talking to Sonya, she was able to provide deep insights into what was happening and how to shift my meditation practice for more effectiveness. The second way that Sonia has helped me is that she is incredibly intuitive and insightful. So any time I bring to her questions about business and personal or spiritually related topics, she has a real gift in being able to understand how they're all connected and how to sort them out and create a path forward.

How would you describe Sonya in three words?

Leslie A. Butler: I would describe Sonya in three ways. She is grounded, intuitive and wise, her grounded. This is exceptional in terms of just being in her energy and connecting with her feeling secure in the space. It's really beautiful. She is intuitive in the sense that she can sense energy, pick up intuitive hits from the spiritual realm and bring through the knowledge that is being deposited in her around specific subjects. She's wise in that she has a long life in the meditative realm. And she has been able to gather wisdom from her teachers and from her upbringing that is far beyond typical wisdom that we have at this age. And I so appreciate the wisdom beyond years that she carries and that she's able to share with me.

What makes Sonya different from other business/mindfulness coaches?

Leslie A. Butler: I would say what sets Sonya apart from other meditation and mindfulness teachers is her lifelong dedication to the practice. She literally started as a child and she comes from multigenerational meditation teachers. Her wisdom around this subject is unparalleled.

Can you share an experience when Sonya inspired you to action?

Leslie A. Butler: A specific time when Sonia inspired me to action was a specific personal decision that I needed to make. And she encouraged me to press forward to get the information that I needed rather than sit back and wait as a coach, her whole focus is to make sure that you arrive at the results sooner rather than sitting in the personal pain or the emotions attached to an unmade decision. So she inspired me to take action to press forward and to create a circumstance that would bring about a result that would then tell me which way to go. So I really appreciated her guidance in helping me to focus, push forward so that I then got the answer I needed.

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