Elle Petrillo for Sonya Meditation Testimonial Videos

October 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elle Petrillo, Director of Strategic Growth, Brand Builders Group

Elle Petrillo: My name is El Petero and I am the director of strategic growth for brand builders group.

What is one thing you were skeptical about before working with Sonya?

Elle Petrillo: There was never anything that made me skeptical about working with Sonia. Um In fact, I actually looked at it as a really beautiful opportunity for me to grow. Because whenever I was in her presence, I realized how present she is and how, when I was around her, there was so much peace and calm and ease and it actually created unease in me because it highlighted areas that I knew I had to grow in.

How has Sonya helped you or your business?

Elle Petrillo: One of the ways that Sonia has helped me, not just personally but also professionally is to pause, to take time to pause, to breathe, to process and just allow whatever was coming up for me to come up without being attached or have a reaction to it. Also went through processing of just going, let myself wonder, let myself flow. Let anything come to my mind, come to my heart come out of me that is within me. So I didn't have to suppress it. And then once I'm able to identify it, how to actually move forward in a way that felt really aligned with who I am.

What makes Sonya different from other business/mindfulness coaches?

Elle Petrillo: What I believe makes Sonia so unique in this space is the fact that she's worn both shoes. And so she has a lifetime, basically a lifetime of experience and meditation and mindfulness. But she also has decades of experience when it comes to grow, starting and growing and scaling businesses and startups. And so she understands the mind of an executive as well as the mind of an employee, as well as a mind of someone who's on this meditative journey. And so when you, she's speaking to you, she's able to use language that works. So if something isn't resonating with you, when it comes to talking about meditation, she's able to provide an example of it in the professional world and vice versa. And so because of her vast experience, and it's not just, hey, I've dabbled in it. It's like no, she's been fully immersed in it that allows her to create this transformation in your life in a variety of different ways. She's so multifaceted with what she can do and provide to you. There is no end of personal growth that you would experience um through working with her

Can you share an experience when Sonya inspired you to action?

Elle Petrillo: Sonia will never be the person to tell you what to do. She'll just ask you the right questions that will lead you to what you should do. And so through a lot of conversations of when I was considering a major life change, what she was able to bring to the surface was me having, forcing myself to really have more self awareness and be truly honest with myself as to what I wanted and what was aligned with me. And so before I just, normally what I would do is just go well, screw it. I'm gonna jump in and see what happens and there is never a bad decision and all decisions will be made, right? And it's all gonna be ok. And I tend to be very spontaneous like that, which oftentimes works in my favor and many times it hasn't. And so this is a, a time before I made this life change that um I'm really grateful that she kind of brought things to the surface that I had to look a little bit deeper challenge myself a little bit harder to make sure that this decision was a well thought out decision because it did have the opportunity opportunity to disrupt so many things in my life. Um And so I think that was uh truly one of the best gifts that she could have given me.

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