Cameron Flett

June 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cameron Flett, Sr. Graphic Designer

What is your name and profession?

Cameron Flett: Hi there. My name is Cameron Flood and I'm a senior graphic designer.

How has Sonya helped you or your business?

Cameron Flett: Working with Sonia. She's helped me find clarity on my purpose and my calling. She's given me the insights I needed to perform at an excellent, excellent level in my role, as well as give me the tactical advice to navigate unconventionally difficult situations with grace and even a little bit of humility.

How would you describe Sonya in three words?

Cameron Flett: Calm, fearless and gracious.

What makes Sonya different from other business/mindfulness coaches?

Cameron Flett: I think Sonia has a unique perspective and point of view when it comes to business coaching and infusing mindfulness into every asset of um of work as well as just being in general. So Sonia is able to bring meditation to the workplace instead of treating it like two separate things, which I think is actually quite remarkable.

Can you share an experience when Sonya inspired you to action?

Cameron Flett: Sonia has inspired me to look inward and find that voice that I just know I have and bring that into my creativity. So she's influenced me to bring my, my best and most authentic voice to the table when it comes to work. And we've found that through conversation as well as just working together.

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