Michele Schrotter for In2Risk First Time Advice

October 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Michele Schrotter

What's your go-to tip for effective networking and making meaningful connections?

Michele Schrotter: My tip for effective networking and making lasting connections at In2 Risk is to treat every event as an opportunity to make a new friend. Every session, every meal, every break, seek out someone that you don't know, introduce yourself, get to know them and then connect with them later on the app. Or on LinkedIn. They will be a part of your network forever.

With so many great topics to choose from, how do you select your "can't-miss" educational sessions?

Michele Schrotter: It is not easy to choose which sessions to attend at In2Risk. I wish I could attend them all. I usually make my selections based on topic or speaker, but I always try to choose at least one session I know nothing about, so I can learn something new.

Give us your best overall advice for making the most of In2Risk!

Michele Schrotter: My advice for making the most out of into risk is to do everything, attend every session, meal function and break that you can make it a point to meet the entire leadership team and any speaker you wish to know better. Don't be afraid, seek them out, introduce yourself so you can meet them and they can meet you.

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