Dawayne Eason for In2Risk First Time Advice

October 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dawayne Eason

What's your go-to tip for effective networking and making meaningful connections?

Dawayne Eason: So what's your go to tip for effective networking and making meaningful connections? That's a good question. So my go to tip for my goal really, each year is to meet more new members and new faces than I met the year before. Having that goal. It makes it more intentional. I have to be more intentional and connecting with new members and that allows me to keep building that network. Also, it allows me to shake more hands and see more New Designees and say congrats and job well done and also welcome them to this fine organization or this family we have. And it was, it was done for me. I remember when I received my designation and there were folks such as Marvin Kelly and Denise Brown, they were so happy to see me and welcome me and they didn't know me from a man on the moon, but they were so inviting and it made me feel so loved. I appreciate that. It's always the problem myself that you know what, I will always pay that forward and do that for those who earned this designation. So that's kind of my go to there

With so many great topics to choose from, how do you select your "can't-miss" educational sessions?

Dawayne Eason: With so many great topics to choose from. How do you select your can't miss educational sessions? Yes. Each year it gets harder and harder to pick the sessions you want to go to because the, the content is amazing. The speakers are so fantastic and the audience that are there are always going to be so engaging and awesome. So it gets tough. What I do is I make my decision based upon this, I say to myself, okay, if you only could choose one session, okay, Only one. There's only one session, you can choose which one would it be? Okay and go with that. And and basically I then kind of tailor the rest of my time and other opportunities or scheduling sessions based upon that. Because I want to make sure I'm gonna go to that one and it really goes back to sort of philosophy. One of my uncles used to always tell me said nephew, if you try to cover everything, then you will cover nothing. You always tell me that and and that makes sense and you are not going to get to everything and they're great. So I choose that one that I normally get to and then I kind of look through and see based upon my schedule and everything. Events and participating in, you know, what other ones can I can I get to? So that's that's how I choose. That can't miss educational session each year

Give us your best overall advice for making the most of In2Risk!

Dawayne Eason: Give us your best overall advice for making the most of In2Risk. I think the first thing that I would do or my advice to everyone is take a moment to reflect and think about, you know, what it took to obtain your achievement. I mean all the sacrifices that level of commitment, the amount of time and not just you individually but also your support system to help you on this journey. It was probably a lot that had to be involved in this journey for you. And so I would definitely encourage you to think about that a little bit, let that soak in because it's a lot I'm telling you from experience, there's so many times I wanted to watch some football game and I had to study but it was worth it. It was worth it, you know, and and as you get here and and you were able to engage with others and enjoy the conferment, the keynote speakers, the educational sessions, all those tangible activities, the ball, it's going to be easy but allow yourself to think about what it took me actually, you know, and remember some of the hardest path to take will lead you to the best destinations and I'm gonna tell you this was not an easy path. Okay, but you earned it, you earned it. And so I think doing that will put you in the right mindset and you will organically enjoy your time. So that's it

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