Brett Clausen for In2Risk First Time Advice

October 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brett Clausen

What's your go-to tip for effective networking and making meaningful connections?

Brett Clausen: One of the most valuable benefits of attending the In2Risk conference in person is the opportunity to build your network and create meaningful connections. Sounds easy, right? Well, it really is, all you need to do is be proactive. If you see someone standing around by themselves, take the opportunity to go up and introduce yourself, tell them what you do or maybe what you're working on. Secondly, when you walk into a meeting room, try to find a place to sit at a table or a chair next to someone that you don't know and just start the conversation out, introduce yourself. It's a great way to start building connections within the great CPCU community. Lastly, I just challenge each and every one of you to meet five new people everyday and out of that, I'll guarantee that you're gonna make some meaningful connections to help you down the road.

With so many great topics to choose from, how do you select your "can't-miss" educational sessions?

Brett Clausen: Wow, look at this agenda. I mean every day is just jam packed with awesome sessions. I mean there are so many I'd like to attend but they kind of are at the same time in some instances here. How do I choose these things man? Well, couple of things that I always look at when I'm going to a conference of this size and of this magnitude is number one is, how can I tie this session into my professional development? Something I'm working towards my future, secondly, what value can I take from it that I can actually take and actually use in my current role at my company? And then I want to find things that I can actually take back and implement right away. So that might be just a few things that you can also use when you're trying to figure out which of those sessions that you'd like to attend.

Give us your best overall advice for making the most of In2Risk!

Brett Clausen: We've got a great conference lined up for you here in San Francisco with so much to see, so much to do and so many of those can't miss sessions that you're just dying to attend. So how do you make the best of it? One is develop a simple game plan every day. Identify where you want to be, what sessions you can't hit. You certainly want to attend the Insider breakfast to find out more about the CPCU society and how you can participate and make the most out of your membership. You also may want to think about it, participating in the good works event, giving back to local community, another great opportunity just to meet additional CPCUs from around the globe. Lastly I just encourage each and everyone to have fun while you're here, meet a lot of great people and just enjoy your time here in San Francisco. Once again congratulations to all the new CPCUs and a big welcome to all our new members of the CPCU Society.

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