SocialMedia.org Founding Member Richard Binhammer

March 26, 2024

Richard Binhammer, formerly the Director of Social Media and Community at Dell, talks about why it was important to help launch SocialMedia.org during the early days of social media.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Richard Binhammer, SocialMedia.org Founding Member

Why it was important to form this community 15 years ago?

Richard Binhammer: So the early days of SocialMedia.org, it actually started with Lionel Menchaca, John Pope, Caroline Dietz, and Andy Sernovitz, and myself all having dinner over barbecue at Rudy's BBQ in Round Rock, Texas. And we sat there, and realized that more and more people in companies we're starting to get social media assignments, and there was no place where just companies could get together and compare kind of notes and organizational struggles that are typical of large businesses and large corporations. Hence the beginning of SocialMedia.org. Why was it important? It was important because like I said, no one, there was no place where people like me doing social media at Dell or others that were doing social media could get together and compare notes and really kind of see if other people have gone through the same kind of issues and struggles within companies and be able to compare notes and share best practices.

What did you enjoy most about your membership in SocialMedia.org?

Richard Binhammer: I think the best thing about SocialMedia.org was the people. It was the community that we had and our ability to in message forums or hop on a phone call or any conference get togethers, just be able to share and compare notes and discuss best practices. And we all had a good time doing it.

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