SocialMedia.org Former Member Rachel Polish on her membership experience

March 22, 2024

Rachel Polish, formerly a SocialMedia.org Board Chair when she was JPMorgan Chase's VP of Social Media Marketing, shares her experience in the community.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rachel Polish, Former SocialMedia.org Member

What did you enjoy most about your membership in SocialMedia.org?

Rachel Polish: Hi, this is Rachel Polish. I worked for JPMorgan Chase for many years in digital and social and signed up as a member organization with SocialMedia.org, I believe it was in 2013. SocialMedia.org was really powerful for us because as a bank, we were slower to adopt certain things. It was really helpful to have case studies and a community around me that was able to give me advice and share in a very trusted environment some of the challenges we were facing at that time. It was a very exciting time. We launched social customer service. It was pretty special to have SocialMedia.org when we did, because it really did help us have a successful launch for social customer service and multiple initiatives. So very proud of the relationship with SocialMedia.org and had a great resource knowing I could tap into this network of professionals.

What sets SocialMedia.org apart from other organizations?

Rachel Polish: What sets SocialMedia.org apart from other membership organizations, is the wealth of knowledge in this community and the quality and caliber of talent of all the member organizations that really helped buoy my efforts at JPMorgan Chase, among other places. SocialMedia.org provided me with a great network of senior- level practitioners in the social and digital space. Many of which I actually had present to our monthly webinars called Smart Sessions. We usually had more than 100 attendees given the caliber of speakers. So very exciting to have that resource, and it helped bring people along when they could hear from other practitioners in the space. So we were able to adopt things more quickly, we were able to move the needle much more after one of those Smart Sessions where we were sharing a particular case study. Very grateful for the support and quick action of all the staff at SocialMedia.org. They are the most caring and loving, concerned people, and I really just miss being a member and hope to stay connected.

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