SocialMedia.org Board Chair Karen Gutierrez on what sets the community apart

September 30, 2022

SocialMedia.org Board Chair Karen Gutierrez, U.S. Bank's Social Media Director, explains how the "no vendors" policy sets the community apart from other organizations.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Karen Gutierrez, U.S. Bank

What sets SocialMedia.org apart from other organizations?

Karen Gutierrez: So one of the big things that sets SocialMedia.org apart is the fact that vendors are not involved in the organization, as far as participating in events or trying to get our business through their sponsorship of conferences, etcetera. We all know how that works with other organizations, and sometimes it's fine -- you want to be exposed to different vendors. But the beauty of SocialMedia.org is that it's really people at brands who are running social media, talking among themselves, and not having kind of undue influence going on from vendors. So I really appreciate that aspect of the organization. I feel like we can be very candid with each other, give honest opinions on everything related to social media, and we know that it's all going to remain confidential. So it's a wonderful organization.

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