SocialMedia.org Board Chair Karen Gutierrez describes a time when the community helped her

September 30, 2022

SocialMedia.org Board Chair Karen Gutierrez, U.S. Bank's Social Media Director, shares a time when the community helped her build the case to add a community manager to her team.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Karen Gutierrez, U.S. Bank

Could you describe a time when the community helped you?

Karen Gutierrez: One of the times that the community helped me recently, had to do with a question I had on one of our phone calls as a group where the importance of engaging with your social media community came up, and I asked about how to make the business case for a community management role on your team. And somebody in the chat actually had a suggestion for me, and I thought it was great. The next day at the office, I started looking into it, and I think it's actually going to work as a solution to our issue. So I'm so pleased that I was able to get the quick help like that with such a meaningful suggestion. It just really makes my life easier in so many ways.

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