Kevin Vicker on his SocialMedia.org Health membership experience

June 07, 2022

Children's Hospital Colorado Social Media and Online Reputation Strategist Kevin Vicker shares his favorite part of being a SocialMedia.org Health member.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Kevin Vicker, Children’s Hospital Colorado

What have you enjoyed most about your membership in SocialMedia.org Health?

Kevin Vicker: Working in social media, it's very dynamic. It's constantly changing. And then you add working in social media for a hospital, and healthcare is a very complex, heavily regulated industry. And so what's great about SocialMedia.org Health is it's connecting me with other people at other hospitals around the country that are in this very same niche that I'm in. And I think what that does is it just creates conversation that's very on point with things that I can relate to that we're dealing with at our hospital. So whether it's a call, the in-person meetings, or something that's just happening on a message board in the Member Center, it's always very relatable. That's something that I don't get when I try to network with other industries and people that are working on social media outside of the healthcare space.

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