SocialMedia.org Member Bob Skwarek on what sets the community apart

August 29, 2022

Bob Skwarek, Associate Director of Corporate Communications at a big pharma company, explains what sets SocialMedia.org apart from other organizations.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Bob Skwarek, SocialMedia.org Board Chair

What sets SocialMedia.org apart from other organizations?

Bob Skwarek: What sets aside SocialMedia.org from the rest? It's pretty simple to me: It's the focus on social media and bringing experts in the industry to the table to talk about nothing but social media. It's the lack of vendors at events, so you can just focus on the matters at hand and not feel like you're getting a sales pitch. On the flip side, it is those opportunities when we get to grill the vendors and have them come in and talk to us, and we can ask them very specific questions.

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