SocialMedia.org Member Bob Skwarek on how the community has helped

August 29, 2022

Bob Skwarek, Associate Director of Corporate Communications at a big pharma company, shares how SocialMedia.org was instrumental to his work during the tumultuous summer of 2020.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Bob Skwarek, SocialMedia.org Board Chair

Could you describe a time when the community helped you?

Bob Skwarek: them all. One particular time does come to mind, and that's in 2020, that summer, when there was so much going on in social media. The landscape was just alive with so much going on specifically in the United States, around the social movements that were happening, the boycotting of Facebook, etc. I just remember that's when SocialMedia.org really stepped up. The community stepped up to come together and to figure out how to approach this. It was not an easy time by any means, but having the colleagues to council with, and the SocialMedia.org organization putting together the calls, the surveys. Still to this day, it's so helpful to go back to our leadership and say, "Hey, here's what other experts in the industry are doing and saying and thinking." It's just so, so valuable, and I appreciate that so much.

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