SNHU Student Testimonial

May 31, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Teresa Rodriguez. Barbara Hallmark. Dawn Brown. . . Savannah Mazzone. . . . Joshua McKenney. . Rachel Winkler. Amanda Fleury

Teresa Rodriguez: Hi, my name's Teresa and I'm a freshman at Southern New Hampshire University.

Hi, my name is Nicole and I'm a sophomore at SNHU.

When I get messages from Penny, um, even though she's a chatbot, it's just still nice to be able to talk to somebody, um, about what I'm doing. So, um, it's

So, um, I appreciate her. Um, and when my advisor is not around Penny's around. So SNHU has really made sure that I have the tools I need to succeed. Thanks. Penny.

Barbara Hallmark: Well, I kind of like, uh, interacting. I mean, I can text and ask Penny, you know, uh, different questions. Uh, how can I get a hold of somebody, a phone number? Um, and things like that. She's very helpful and,

And it, um, helps me to know that there's people on the other end caring about me and uh working with me to remind me that my assignments are due. So I, I appreciate it. I like it. Thank you.

It reminds me that even if I'm a full time worker and even if I am 50 years old, I'm still a student

Rachel Winkler: And I really appreciate the check in to know that somebody's always looking after me, even if it's just an AI

What I like about Penny and her texting is her silliness, her, um, little, little emojis. She send out thumbs up heart shape. Love what you say. Respond. Um, it's just cute. I love it.

Dawn Brown: It just seemed like a regular person because the way that I answer, they actually responded the way that you would want them to respond.

Savannah Mazzone: I think Penny is really good for students, especially students like myself with ADHD

Amanda Fleury: I have a hard time, um, admitting when I'm having a hard time. So I actually admitted to Penny that I was having a hard time and my advisor reached out to me the very next day.

Amanda Fleury: Penny has actually she made me come out of my shell to my advisor. Honestly. Um, because before that I, I had not really talked to my advisor, um, but I guess with my advisor calling me and asking me what she could do to help and stuff like that, it kind of reassured me that my advisor, is there, your advisor is there to help you Um, and Penny kind of reassured me of that.

I'm really enjoying texting with Penny because I have a lot on my plate. I go to school full time. I have a family. I work full time.

Joshua McKenney: Because, you know, in life we have so many things going on that, you know, we may lose track of time and forget about school at times, you know. So I think the robot Penny is, you know, a blessing to a lot of people

Savannah Mazzone: Um, I also enjoy just like responding because I'm an online student. Sometimes it feels like I'm very alone but being able to text Penny and get some feedback is really nice.

Rachel Winkler: So Penny actually helped me out in the beginning of the term with some mental health resources that HelpU provides through SNHU. Um I was in a bit of a slump earlier in the term So I did appreciate the uh the tips and the fact that I could reach out where needed in any different scenario.

After a particularly trying day at work, I remember coming home and just wanting to take a nap. But Penny reminded me before I closed my eyes, that I had something due on Sunday that completely slipped my mind. So because of Penny, that assignment was not late and I got to nap anyway.

Amanda Fleury: Um, number two, she's very motivational. Um, if you contact her and you tell her that you're feeling neutral about something, she will hype you up to the point where you actually feel great about it. Um, and that's it. Like she is very motivational and she will be your biggest cheerleader. Probably the biggest one that you will ever have. Probably because she's an AI, but.

Rachel Winkler: I really like artificial intelligence because you're able to form full sentences and they can still understand you or get you to the right place. Um, they respond very quickly and when you're in a pinch, it really helps you out. Um, even if it's just to get you on the other side.

Teresa Rodriguez: Especially when it comes to school related stuff. I think it's really great that SNHU has incorporated AI.

This is really something that I don't take for granted because I know a lot of effort is put into this to send to thousands of students across the nation. So keep up the good work. See you guys at graduation.

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