SNHU Advisor Video Testimonial

May 31, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Charles Lanier III

Meet one of SNHU's advisors

Charles Lanier III: Hello, my name is Charles Lanier. I'm an academic advisor with Southern New Hampshire University. I specialize in liberal arts and social sciences.

Tell us about your experience with Penny

Charles Lanier III: What actually happened a couple of weeks ago was a good story. I had talked with the student ahead of time, the student the, the day before. Actually, the student was actually anxious over a grade, anxious over an assignment and was, you know, really just needed that comfort level. and I talked with her through it. but later on that night, she ended up um discussing it with Penny again. her anxiety had heightened. so through Penny, I was reached out to the next morning. and Penny said I needed to check on that student. I knew that I had talked with her the, the day before, but I went ahead and called her anyway. When I called her, I found out that her anxiety was heightened. and you know we just talked about a few things that, you know, could work through her anxiety. We also talked about a few things like setting up weekly phone calls just so, you know, a check in, to make sure that she's on the right path to make sure she's successful, which is something I do for all of my students. And Penny was a really big help providing me with that information, even though I knew, the information ahead of time. Penny helped me understand that I needed to call the student again because the anxiety had heightened and I was able to work with my student through her anxiousness and get her calm. And uh, recently, just last week this was two weeks ago, last week, she did receive that grade, she did get an A and so she's on the right path and that's what I do as an academic advisor.

Please share a bit more about your overall experience working with Penny.

Charles Lanier III: So what Penny and EdSights does is it makes my job easier as an academic advisor, it gives me an option to focus more on my student. Gives me an option to call my students more often deal with academic advising, registrations, course planning

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