Assignment Reminder

April 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Precious

Precious: Hey, y'all my name is Precious and I am an SNHU student.

Precious: One tip that I can give that if you find yourself struggling is to try to get um you know look at your assignments on sunday, try to get your discussion boards posted before thursday, get your assignments done by friday. So that way you can give yourself saturday to kind of chill, relax and then get prepared for the following week. I found that logging in later and getting things done later becomes very stressful. So I have trained myself to go ahead and look at things on Sunday, get my discussions posted by Monday or Tuesday at the latest and then go ahead and head into my assignments. That the way it gives me more time if I have any questions for my professor. And then it also allows me to have a little break before the next week coming up.

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