Angelica shared a message with you

June 16, 2023

Angelica wants to share a message with you

Video Transcript

Speakers: Angelica Macias

Angelica is a student at SNHU

Angelica Macias: Hey everyone, my name is Angelica Macias and I am an online student at SNHU. My major is Game development. I just wanted to give y'all some advice

Angelica Macias: My advice to you is to never give up no matter what it is, if you need help, you know, ask peers, tutors, ask your advisor, you know, even asking friends and family for help because I know I've asked and it's been a journey, but I've gotten through it and it's all because, you know, I asked for help and I know that it's not easy, especially with pride, but it is helpful and it does get better.

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