Kaci for Tell us your SneakPeek story

September 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kaci

How was your experience taking the SneakPeek test? Was the test accurate?

Kaci: As soon as we found out that baby number two was on the way, we knew we wanted to find out the gender early.

Kaci: Come to find out it was extremely easy to use. It was virtually painless. I honestly, I didn't even really feel anything going into my arm when I did the test. And at 12 weeks, only a couple of days later, we found out the results. We ended up waiting until our anatomy scan to confirm, but those test results were 100% accurate. And now we have a little boy due in January. I am super excited to have found out so that I could start buying stuff early and make sure that I kind of did my research and all of that and I was able to do all of that with the SneakPeek results.

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