Abby for Tell us your SneakPeek story

January 18, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Abby

How was your experience taking the SneakPeek test? Was the test accurate?

Abby : My experience taking the SneakPeek Snap test was incredible. From the very beginning, all of the emails were super helpful. The digital guide that they sent with a video attached was super easy to follow as well as the written instructions that came in the packet.

Abby : I don't do good with needles and it was, it was actually painless.

Abby : Super easy mailing process as well. We got our results very quick actually the same day as they received them at the lab.

Abby : We were told by SneakPeek that we're expecting a little girl and that was also confirmed at our anatomy scan as well.

Abby : I would highly recommend it to any mama to be that wants to know a little bit earlier than their anatomy scan.

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