Eliana Fu for Event Testimonial

September 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Eliana Fu, Industry Manager: Aerospace & Medical, TRUMPF

What makes RAPID + TCT North America's must-attend AM event?

Eliana Fu: Rapid and TCT North America is a must attend event because you get the opportunity to meet everybody who's working in 3D printing and the additive manufacturing space.

How would you convince a colleague to investigate AM as a manufacturing solution?

Eliana Fu: If I were to try to convince a colleague or coworker to investigate AM as a manufacturing solution, I would look at their needs and then ask them to really question whether the traditional manufacturing routes are still efficient, make sense and can deliver the product in a quality and time appropriate way. Sometimes 3D printing actually isn't the answer and sometimes 3D printing isn't even available because the material is not available. So honestly, we should do it where it makes sense.

What makes you excited for RAPID + TCT 2024?

Eliana Fu: I'm excited for rapid and TCT in 2024 because I'm an event advisor. In fact, I've been an event advisor for a couple of years now and what I really enjoy is meeting all the people. But honestly, for me, the conference itself is really amazing because you get to hear a lot of presentations about what people are actually doing some of the lessons learned, mistakes and successes. So I think that's very important.

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