Elliot Matsuura - Joseph Kollar

January 10, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Joseph Kollar, EDM Product Manager, Elliott Matsuura Canada Inc.

What's the biggest benefit of participating in MMTS for you, and your organization?

Joseph Kollar: Elliott Matsuura Canada has been participating in the Montreal Machine Tool show for over 40 years. The Quebec market has always been extremely important to our company. The biggest benefit to exhibit at the show would be the excellent opportunity for our organization to exhibit our latest technology and to connect with existing and potential new customers.

What is the most important message you'd like to convey to the MMTS audience before they meet you at the event?

Joseph Kollar: Trade shows have a lot of merit even in the digital era we live in. Localized shows offer great representation of the equipment and the service available in the region. In addition, visitors can also interact with industry leaders to be better informed when making important decisions.

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