Dexterra Group Video

April 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bradey Goegan, Fire and Life Safety Manager, Dexterra Group

Can you tell us about your role within Dexterra Group?

Bradey Goegan: My name is Bradey Goegan. I am the fire and life safety manager with Dexterra Group. My department alone encompasses over 1,000 deliverables across our account as well as adheres to strict KPI's for preventative and corrective maintenance.

What challenges were you facing before adopting Smartsheet?

Bradey Goegan: Before adopting Smartsheet, my team and I would be consistently bogged down by cumbersome emails and find difficulties with accessing data. Our operations manager, Jorge Pilicita introduced Smartsheet into our account. And as a result, our email traffic has reduced by 50% to 75%. Thus freeing our time to focus on our clients and day to day operations.

How has Smartsheet affected the way you manage facilities?

Bradey Goegan: Smartsheet has given us the ability to oversee every aspect of a given portfolio, whether it be scheduling, tracking of real time KPI's and even financial overview. Smartsheet has provided true transparency among our business.

What are you able to accomplish now that you couldn't in the past?

Bradey Goegan: With new processes developed through Smartsheet, we have streamlined multiple procedures from onboarding to contractor payment Smartsheet has given us the ability to tailor custom programs to meet our clients specific needs while controlling the level of data shared at every level. My colleague and manager of mechanical services Jordan Couto has developed controlled access through the use of Dynamic View and custom reporting, ensuring full confidentiality of crucial information.

What would you tell people in roles like yours who are considering Smartsheet?

Bradey Goegan: Not only is Smartsheet cost effective but it will drive you to innovate further than you ever thought possible. Before my career at Dexterra, I had little to no computer skills for work purposes. After three years of trial, error and learning, I've been able to automate and streamline many aspects of our operations. If you were considering Smartsheet, I would urge you to try it for yourself as it is extremely adaptable and its abilities are continuously being developed.

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