Smartsheet Customer Testimonial | Asia Glass | Jan 2023

January 31, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Klaire King, COO, Asia Glass Group

Could you tell us your name, your job title, and how long you’ve worked with Asia Glass? What is your team responsible for?

Klaire King: I'm Claire King, chief operating officer of the Asia Glass Group. I've been with the group for around 12 years, and my team is responsible for the overall operations spanning I.T Supply chain and HR.

How did Asia Glass first start using Smartsheet? What was the implementation process like?

Klaire King: Our organization started using smartsheet through me actually. I used it as a project management tool for my immediate team, but when we started using it, more and more of the managers started approaching me and asking about how it was used and what other features were available. And so they started adopting it in their teams. So eventually the user base just grew and grew until the whole of the organization used Smartsheet. When we started upgrading our subscription, we were assigned a account manager, and from her, we learned how to maximize a lot of the features in smartsheet. We've also started formalizing how our users learned to use smart sheets. So we used Smartsheet Academy a lot

What impact has Smartsheet had on you / your team / the wider organisation?

Klaire King: Smartsheet has definitely made us faster, more efficient, more agile in the kind of work that we do. We have easy access now to so much information and we can make sure that the right information, the right metrics are shown to the right stakeholders. And it has really made coordinating so many different stakeholders and departments much much easier.

For you, what are the stand out Smartsheet uses / applications?

Klaire King: Land out uses for Smartsheet. We really love the approval requests, so it has cut back a lot on back and forth emails for us. And my team also loves using data match to match information. We also love using work apps because it allows us a lot of flexibility when we share two different departments, different users and different stakeholders across the organization.

What are your future plans with Smartsheet in your role / organisation?

Klaire King: We have started using Smartsheet in more complex solutions now for organization, So we have actually worked closely with solutions experts in Smartsheet in launching control center for our organization and also combining that with work apps. And we see that in the future more and more apps and more and more users for Control center will be rolled out for the different functions.

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