Kelly Moore for Smartsheet Community: Tell us your Smartsheet experience for ENGAGE 2022

September 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kelly Moore, @Kelly Moore, Syngenta

How did you discover Smartsheet?

Kelly Moore, @Kelly Moore: Hey y'all, my name is Kelly Moore and I discovered Smartsheet early in 2019. I'm a process improvement lead for the organization that I work for and someone brought Smartsheet into our group as a potential process improvement tool that my group could use in our tool belt. I began experimenting with it and as soon as I did I could see that the process improvement opportunities were almost endless. So the more that I use Smartsheet (and I use it a lot) the more I just love it. I just started working on a new project. I'm really excited about it. Potentially it has the largest end to end reach in my organization of any project I've ever worked for or worked on before. Our problem being in a company as large as mine is number one, we don't always have access to the same data set and then even if we are working on the same data, it's very, very hard for us to keep track of where we are in this huge supply chain that we have in our company. So if I can pull this off we will have linked commercial, customer service, planning, manufacturing and even logistics into one single source of truth as we gather data from all different types of data sources. To do this, I'm gonna be using all of Smartsheet's basic functionality in addition to most of the premier apps and probably even power automate, just bringing everything together. So to pull this off, I'm certainly going to be calling in on my superpower "Velocity" or as I like to call it, "Okay, Kelly, you've committed to a date so now just get up and get it done." So fingers crossed, the implementation goes as planned. I really look forward to seeing everybody face to face in Seattle. If y'all see me walking around, please stop me. I would love to meet you. Thanks. Bye.

Describe a project you worked on that you completed or solved using Smartsheet.

Kelly Moore, @Kelly Moore: Hey, so one project that I have worked on using Smartsheet was a very, very lengthy process within my organization were an agricultural company and our scientists sometimes need to request plant germplasm. It's kind of like bone marrow is to us and to get it from one country to another country that becomes very regulated and it takes many, many of our compliance, legal, licensing functions within my corporations. So needless to say it's a long process multi year to have potentially a request go through. And I was able to solve the problem with our process using Smartsheet, I had to use all of the premier apps which was just fun linking all those together. I love the toy, I call them the Toys of Smartsheet. I love those extra toys and being able to integrate those within a project. It was a very, very successful process and it's used globally within my organization as we speak.

What's your Smartsheet superpower?

Kelly Moore, @Kelly Moore: What is my superpower? Velocity, or as I like to call it, "Okay, you've committed to a date, so just get up and get it done." A lot of our projects are very time sensitive, and I'm sure your yall's are, too. And so this is a handy superpower to have.

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