Nathanael Allison for SMART Management Video Testimonials

July 30, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nathanael Allison, Business Development and Commercial Director, Harlyn Solutions

How would you describe your experience working with John (SMART MANAGEMENT)?

Nathanael Allison: Working with John was um it was a pleasure. He was very professional, um uh very articulate in the way he asked questions to understand what our problems and our needs were. And the expediency and speed efficiency with which he responded to uh questions and our problems was was was very high quality. Uh can't fault him. Now, the quality of his work as well was very very were uh good. There was no issues uh we didn't have to do any reworks. Um So fundamentally I would recommend recommend him.

What specific aspects of your collaboration with John (SMART MANAGEMENT) stood out to you the most?

Nathanael Allison: A specific aspect of our collaboration and working together um that I was most impressed with, with John was um uh his, his ability to really understand what we were looking for. We didn't have a real grasp of the challenges that we had with Monday. We want, we knew where we wanted to get to, we know how to get there and he was very quick to pick up on what it is that we needed. Uh And his uh response times are very good. So we set out very clearly and agreed um very clearly in, in our communication with each other, with messaging and also with zoom. But we wanted to achieve and within a matter of day or two, he had actually achieved it and implemented it.

How has John's service made a positive impact on your business/life?

Nathanael Allison: Yeah, without a question, uh the work that John's done has made a positive impact to uh business. Um We needed to take uh Monday dot com usage uh upper level um and get more benefits out of the components that we weren't using within Monday dot com and he was able to facilitate that. So the result, well, resulting solutions that he implemented have significantly improved the way that my business interacts with Monday dot com and uses it um to, to drive its business success of my business forward.

In 3 words, describe John (SMART MANAGEMENT)

Nathanael Allison: Three ways to describe John. I recommend him.

Would you recommend and love to work with John (SMART MANAGEMENT) again?

Nathanael Allison: The next phase of our project um uh in, in developing uh our use of Monday dot com for our project delivery. Um Once we get better down in the next couple of weeks, we're going to bring John back on board in the second half of this year to implement some improvements in our integration of our project work onto Monday dot com.

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