Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Taylor King

November 09, 2021

While already an experienced therapist, Taylor found herself moving into a school setting for the first time. The scheduling assessments features set her fears aside and made for an easy transition.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Taylor King, Speech Language Pathologist, Rockingham County Schools

Taylor King: Hi, I'm Taylor. I'm a school based SLP working with elementary school students and it is my first year as a school based speech therapist, but my third year, third year of experience. And I just wanted to record this about SLP Toolkit because as I was transitioning into a school based position, I was very nervous because I had not done that before and happened to find out about SLP Toolkit by accident and was already planning on using it at the beginning of the school year.

Taylor King: So I can just say that from my personal experience, it's been a wonderful, wonderful tool and I think the best thing about it has been the scheduling part. And that was the thing that initially I was so nervous about coming into the school system, was how to schedule all these groups and different kids and move it around. And this has just made it really easy. And even at the point where schedules were changing maybe a month or a month and a half into school just because of something random, I could just go in and easily move a student or a group if I needed to and really just, you know, kind of visualize it much more easily. And another thing I really like about it is how easy it is to get baseline data and it's all right there. I don't have to kind of flip through pages if I was doing it by hand. It's just all right there and because I can do it, you know, at the beginning of the school year and it's very easy to just pull it up, you know, do some progress monitoring with it. I feel like it's given me much more information about where my students are than I would have had without it. And it makes it easier to write my annual reviews as well because when I, when I write about present levels, I can kind of see where they were at the beginning of the school year and then compare it with the data that I've put into SLP Toolkit in therapy. So I'm very pleased, very, very glad that I have it and I will continue to use it. That's my plan in the future, even if my district decides not to cover it anymore. So I'm just very thankful for this tool.

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