Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Rebecca McNeil

September 06, 2022

Rebecca uses SLP Toolkit every day to stay current and up to date. SLP Toolkit allows her to keep track of schedules, goals, and progress, as well as provide data-driven info to families.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rebecca McNeil, Speech-Language Pathologist

Rebecca McNeil: Hi, my name is Rebecca McNeil. I'm a school-based SLP in Boulder Colorado. I've been working as an SLP for over 10 years and I work primarily in elementary schools. I started using SLP Toolkit about a year ago and it has really changed my practice. I use it every single day to keep my schedule, change my schedules, I get new kids or need to add more time or subtract time from kids' service hours. I use it to record my data and my notes. I use it to look back at when I'm not sure if I've been working on a goal that they have and how they've done on that goal. And I use it twice a year for writing progress reports. And it's super helpful to go back and look at the data that I've recorded over a semester and be able to use data driven information to give to families and other teachers about progress on goals. I love SLP Toolkit. I depend on it so much. It is really been a game changer for me in terms of getting organized, staying organized, and making sure that I'm meeting the needs of the students that I work with. Thank you so much for this amazing product.

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