Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Nicole Rippy

December 01, 2022

Nicole Rippy, a school-based SLP for 11 years, started using SLP Toolkit about 2 years ago. She can't remember how she collected data and screened students efficiently before Toolkit.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nicole Rippy, School SLP

Nicole Rippy: Hi my name is Nicole Rippy. I am a school-based SLP with 11 years in the school. I started using SLP Toolkit about two years ago and it really filled a need for data. Like, baseline data for the annual IEPs, tracking progress, and also screenings. I love it for you know a screening process when I get a referral. First time I take the kid I usually give them you know the grade level screener in either speech or language or whatever area the teacher has a concern in. It gives me great information as a starting point to say what kind of evaluation I think is best for the student. So can't imagine life without SLP Toolkit now that I've started using it. I don't know what I did before. I know that my data is better. I know that my progressing is better. I feel more confident writing goals for my annual IEPs. So yeah thanks so much for taking time to listen and go SLP Toolkit.

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