Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Macy Archer

January 26, 2022

With 10 years working in a school setting, Macy Archer jumped onto the SLP Toolkit bandwagon and said goodbye to pen, paper, and overwhelm from a huge caseload.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Macy Archer , Speech Language Pathologist, Brandon Valley School District

Macy Archer : Hello. I am Macy Archer and I am a school based speech-language pathologist. This is about year 10, I believe, in the school setting. I've worked in a middle school setting as well as an elementary school setting which is where I am now. And this is my first year using SLP Toolkit. Going into this year, I knew it was going to be a pretty rocky, a rocky year, just with my caseload, the types of students on my caseload, and just everything kind of going on in our in our world currently. So I jumped on the SLP Toolkit bandwagon and will never go back. I was a huge pen and paper person and it just got to be way too much with you know how big my caseload is. I just couldn't keep up with all the papers. It was super overwhelming and I decided to you know do away with that and keep everything on my laptop. It goes home with me at night. I can take it and work on progress reports and you know data tracking Medicaid at a coffee shop or at home without bringing home a bunch of different folders and papers. So that has been a huge blessing. And it's just helped me be more efficient and more effective in my data taking with my students and during my therapy sessions. So I can't imagine myself ever going back and I'm just so appreciative of SLP Toolkit and what they have done for not only my work as a speech language pathologist but what it will do for a lot of other co-workers and SLPs who I chat with frequently. So thank you.

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