Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Lisa Jorgensen

June 23, 2022

With the flexibility in Lesson Planning built into SLP Toolkit, Lisa has reached a new level of confidence when reporting information to parents.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lisa Jorgensen, Speech-Language Therapist

Lisa Jorgensen: Hi, my name is Lisa Jorgensen, and I'm a speech language pathologist in a school setting in New Jersey. SLP Toolkit has been a game changer for me. It has helped me to stay organized. It has helped me to keep track of my students' progress and to feel confident when I report out to parents about how their child is doing. I especially love the lesson planning feature. I enjoy creating the plans and tweaking them as I see fit. And I just love every aspect of it. I love when there's new features. And I love just the whole community and everyone working together to make it what it is today. Thank you so much from one happy SLP in New Jersey.

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