Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Kathryn Santora

March 23, 2023

SLP Toolkit makes billing, data collection, and progress tracking easier for Kathryn, a school-based SLP. Hear how it saves her time and motivates her high school students in this video.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kathryn Santora, SLP, Bedford City Schools

Kathryn Santora: Hi, my name is Katherine Santorum. I'm a fourth year SLP working in the schools. I work with middle schoolers, but mostly high schoolers and this is my first year using SLP Toolkit and I really love everything about it. I used to be really stressed out having to do billing and this has just sped everything up. There's less room for error, I just copy and paste directly from SLP Toolkit and it puts everything that I need to be transferred over - if I used cues, if there were any notes about the student that I wanted to have down. It's also made taking data a lot easier. Students used to be able to see if I was putting a plus or a minus which I didn't like. And so this is more helpful for they can't really see what I'm clicking. And I also really like being able to see the graphs for their progress and being able to show that to them and to parents, especially for my high schoolers. Seeing that visual of how far they've come is just extremely motivating. I also like being able to see how many minutes they've gotten this year, this month, this quarter. And their attendance record just all in one place without having to do the tedious task of adding everything up. It just keeps great records for me that I can always refer back to. So I'm just really happy with it.

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