Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Karen Dedmon

January 26, 2022

Karen Dedmon shares how she uses SLP Toolkit side-by-side with ECATS to save time in her progress reporting.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Karen Dedmon, Speech Language Pathologist, Cleveland County Schools

Karen Dedmon: Hello. My name is Karen Dedmon. I'm a speech pathologist in an elementary school. I just finished my progress reports and I have to tell you it didn't take near the time it used to take me prior to me using SLP Toolkit. What I did is I opened up ECATS, I minimized it so it only took up half my screen. Then I opened up SLP Toolkit and I clicked on reports. I added the custom date range that matched our second quarter. I selected all students and data sorted by goal. When I did that, I could see the average percentage for each of the goals for all my students and I took that average percentage and added it to my progress reports in ECATS. I felt good about the data that I was reporting on and I think my parents will like it as well because they can see their growth over time. I hope this helps you.

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