Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Jennifer Arbaugh

June 23, 2022

There is something special about having everything in one place. Jennifer shares how she utilizes the holistic nature of SLP Toolkit.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jennifer Arbaugh, Speech-Language Pathologist, Willamette Education Service District

Jennifer Arbaugh: Hi, my name is Jen Arbaugh and I'm a speech therapist for grades K through 12 in the Salem, Oregon area. My favorite part about SLP Toolkit is just having everything in one place. I love that. I can take notes for meetings. I can document my parent contacts, my consultant minutes, my talks with teachers. It all can be in the same place. I can keep my data there of course, and all my assessments. I also use it to progress monitor throughout the year. Makes it really easy when report cards come due or when it's time for an IEP and I need present levels. And I just love knowing that I can look up a student profile and find all that information in the same place really quickly. Helps me keep track of all the things that that we need to keep track of. So thank you, SLP Toolkit.

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