Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Jenna Reed

February 13, 2023

After trying SLP Toolkit as a grad student, Jenna decided to try some other data collection methods for her CF year. Hear her explain why she came back to SLP Toolkit in her second year as a CCC-SLP.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jenna R, Speech-Language Pathologist, Keystone Central School District

Jenna R: Hi I'm Jenna. I'm a second-year SLP. I work in a public school district in Pennsylvania. I work with kids in grades K through eight in two different buildings. And SLP Toolkit is something I started using this year after having used it as a student in my clinical experience. I loved it as a student but going into my first year I wasn't too sure if I wanted to use it for good. I wanted to kind of try different methods of data collection. Well, now that I'm back into my second school year as a professional, I am back to using SLP Toolkit and I'm so glad I decided to use this method of data collection for the year. I love the progress monitoring tools and the baseline data, all that for my probe data. It's a quick, I called the quick check in. We do at the beginning of every session. Just a different probe. That way I always have data and for the rest of the section I can session I can work on teaching. It's been awesome and saved me so much time compared to all the papers I was printing and flipping through last year. I love it.

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