Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Jenae Brendle

July 31, 2023

Jana shares how SLP Toolkit has helped tremendously during her CF year. The digital folders make it easy for her to keep track of student data, attendance, and progress reports as a teletherapist.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jenae Brendle, Speech-language Pathologist-Clinical Fellow, Clear Path Pediatric Therapy

Jenae Brendle: Hi, my name is Jenae Brendel and I am a teletherapy, pediatric speech therapist for a school district setting. I currently service 60 plus students pre K to eighth grade. I'm working on language, articulation, fluency, et cetera. Servicing all of these students can be difficult, especially from home. I don't have those physical documents in front of me or physical folders. I'm contacting parents trying to keep notes. SLP Toolkit does it all for me. I can keep track of phone calls, of data, of attendance. I can even put in why they were absent on there. And then at the end I can make a report and print that report, send it over to whoever I need to, very quickly. I mean, it's helped tremendously. I must say my favorite part of SLP Toolkit is the student tab digital folder. You know, just being able to access any student quickly. Typing in their name. Seeing the assessments I've given them, the progress they've made, their attendance, et cetera. It's all in one spot. And then being able to quickly print it from the reports tab has been my best friend. Especially with writing progress reports. You know, you can access that data, quickly print it off, get those, it even gives you the averages. I'm very grateful for SLP Toolkit and I recommend it specifically to those working in a school setting and to clinical fellowships, SLPs. Just because, you know, we're on our own. We're new to all of this. Keeping track of all of the data and contacts has been one of the most difficult parts. It helps with IEP writing, goal writing. Highly recommended. I love SLP Toolkit and I don't know what I would do without it.

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