Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Erin Leventhal

January 27, 2022

Imagine the satisfaction when your students are as excited about their progress as you are. Erin Leventhal shares how SLP Toolkit empowers her to share progress with students and parents alike.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Erin Leventhal , SLP, Alamance Burlington School System

Erin Leventhal : Hi Sarah and Lisa, My name is Erin Leventhal and I am a 21 year veteran of SLP work in the school system. This is me not crying in my car seriously because of SLP Toolkit.

Erin Leventhal : It has changed how I operate so much and I have you to thank for every bit of that. I leave work every day with Medicaid documentation done. I leave work every day with plans and notes ready for the next sessions, with goals pulled up and ready to document and take data on. And that part is magical and it makes my life way less hectic and stressful. But what's really cool is that my kids love SLP Toolkit too. So like, my kids I work with, not those kids in the house over there. My kids absolutely love to watch their data populate on the screen. They ask about their charts and graphs and they want to see from session to session, how they've grown and I love being able to share that with them in a really authentic way on the spot instead of saying, "Hey let me check on that" or "we'll calculate it later." It's right there for them. I also love that I can share that with parents at any point. I had a parent approach me at Martial Arts last week while my son was there and he was like "Hey, how's my kid doing with you?" And I said "Oh he's great, let's look at his data!" because of course my computer's in my lap as I'm working. And he was super impressed as well that I could just pull that up, on the spot, and share that with him. I can work from anywhere at any point even though I shouldn't work as much as I do. And I have SLP Toolkit at my fingertips on whatever device I choose. So thank you so much for creating such an amazing product for SLPs in the school setting.

Erin Leventhal : You have created something that has allowed me to streamline what I do in a way that is so user friendly and wonderful, so thank you.

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