Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Christine Alt

January 25, 2022

You might say goodbye (and good riddance!) to paper and pencil if you give SLP Toolkit a try. Just ask Christine Alt - she thought she would prefer paper over digital, but now will never go back.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christine Alt , SLP, Bryan City Schools

Christine Alt : Hello. So I have been a user of SLP Toolkit for I think the last three years now. I just absolutely love SLP Toolkit and it is worth every penny. There are just so many wonderful features, especially like having one place where I can manage my caseload. I have all the due dates. I have all of my students' goals. I can quickly bring up their progress and I don't have to be clicking a million little tabs up at the top of my computer screens so it just makes me feel more efficient, and I just feel like I am always very organized because of this tool.

Christine Alt : So if you don't have it I would recommend at least giving it a try some year. Give it that full year before calling it quits. If you aren't sure you really like the digital aspect of it, if you're more of a paper pencil person. I thought I was too, but I will never go back. Thank you so much SLP Toolkit.

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